I won a thing!

Not a writing thing, but I won BOOKS! Which to be honest, is pretty much on par. ESPECIALLY when those books are written by one Alan Baxter. For context, I somehow missed Alan’s books up until last year. I know. Dark fantasy, horror, and weird fiction. And somehow I had not read any of his work until 2018!

At his launch of the SERVED COLD anthology (which is also great), Baxter incorporated a bunch of giveaways, including the duology of RealmShift and MageSign – which came to ME!


Luckily, I managed to claw my way onto the Aurealis Awards Fantasy Novel panel last year, which included two of Baxter’s books – Hidden City and Devouring Dark, both wonderful, gritty, dark stories that immediately captured my fascination with all that kind of stuff (I tried to re-genre it at ‘grimnoir’ in a Supanova article here – unfortunately it didn’t stick).

To be honest, this was a pretty awesome way to start the week. It’s been a trying month or so, but an unexpected addition to the family bookshelf can make all the difference in making for a more enjoyable day/week/month.

So thanks, Alan. Best Monday for a long time!

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