Okay, so this is not my normal area to play in.

But all writing is learning, and this is the best way for me to learn, for me to keep pushing myself into areas outside my comfort zone, is to challenge myself.

That’s what this page is. A challenge to get my poetry to a good enough level that I am comfortable publishing it. If you like it, let me know! Any advice, I’m more than happy to accept!

It’s also part of a project for Uni. The subject focuses on poetry and short dramatic pieces, and so I’m trying to combine both these features. The idea is two combatants across different eras writing poetry to each other, with dramatic monologues in between. The theme is on the universal and personal experiences of conflict, with poems coming from either side shared here.

Poetry is, of course, always open to interpretation. I’ll try and put a little explaination at the end of each piece as well, to see how well it conveys what it’s meant to. Otherwise, enjoy!


The Atlasian Fate – Glosa

Friends Underfoot – Triversen

Brothers in Arms – Pantoum

Hearts and Minds – Concrete Poem