Happy Publication Day!

Its February! Its the Fourteenth! Its. . .another day?

Look, anyone who knows me (or knows my partner) knows that 14 Feb is not a particularly special day for us. We’re not particularly romantically inclined (which made it really awkward when I handed in my YA fantasy romance for the belated Secret Santa Stories one of my writing groups did this year. Don’t worry, it’s never seeing the light of day past that one reader, who knows who they are, and I sincerely apologies for them having to read it).

But this year is DIFFERENT!

Military Space Ethics

This year, human extraordinaire and a good friend, Dr Nikki Coleman released her book, Military Space Ethics! And I got to contribute a couple chapters! Its not my usual thing, as it’s completely non-fiction, but its an opportunity I thoroughly relished and appreciated. The book covers a bunch of topics, including; the concept of ‘Just War’ in the space domain (in an odd twist, written by Dr Stephen Coleman, my lecturer from <redacted> years ago when I was an undergrad); looking at what a Mars colony would possible look like (Dr Evie Kendal); and examining how the US Space Force and associated projects will interact as they move forward (some random ex-military spec fic writer – I’m just glad I got in a General Naird quote).

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There were challenges in writing this one. First of all, the other contributors are waaaay more qualified than me. Also, writing non-fic is not something I’m particularly experienced in. And probably the most awkward part was writing objectively from an outside perspective about militaries. I don’t often discuss my military career here, because quite frankly, its not the place that I’m comfortable discussing it in depth. But after sixteen years of service, it was nice to delve back into the field from a different perspective.

I’ve put a link in the ‘Links to buying things‘, but if I’m honest, I’m not posting this to sell you anything. Its a niche topic, and by all means, I wholeheartedly recommend it if this is your niche. Buts its been a rough few months/years for everyone, and sometimes it just feels good to share a win.

Even if technically, it’s Nikki’s win 😀

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